Andy White Photography

"A Photo is the Pause Button for Life"

About me

Andy White


I love taking pictures to share with anyone who will look at them. It brings me happiness and I hope it brings you happiness because that's what we all need these days. 

Am I an experienced photographer, no. I am passionate about my pictures and they speak for themselves as you can see. I want everyone to get those great pics to cherish for a lifetime at a low rate that doesn't break the bank.

I offer more than just photography, I can also take drone footage of your residential or commercial place. Are you looking for a beautiful aerial beach shot, I got you! 

Check out my custom products, I can add your family picture, kids, pets, whatever you want. I also have my own designs that I can add a name, nickname or any saying you would like.

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This picture of the "Red" moon took me over 30 minutes to get this shot, patience pays off.